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Communication we all know is a process of exchanging information. In an organization too, communication forms the link between individuals to share information, ideas & keep oneself updated.

In the ever-advancing world of technology communication has become faster & instant. Web communication has virtually united the world.

 OnCore- the Online Communication & Reporting website has been created to bring us closer for rapid exchange of Ideas, Information & Knowledge.

This website will enable you to send in your daily activities report & also have instant access to circulars & products information. This website will also enable communication to our esteemed customers also.

Colours communicate! Communication has many colours! So also the colours used in OnCore- Red, Blue & Yellow. These are the basic three colours,  which give rise to many different shades & colours. So friends OnCore is going to give you an insight into World of Tulip.

- signifies Passion & Excitement.
- signifies Unity & Trust.
Yellow -
signifies Joy & Imagination.

 OnCore is going to ignite your Passion for Pathology, Excitement for Performance, Unity & Trust amongst all of us Tingle your Imagination & above all bring about Joy in working for Tulip.